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The Writing Finger Having Writ

Professors are now banning laptops in their classrooms because of the constant distractions; some kids are surfing the web, some are watching porn, some playing games. A little ironic because not so long ago professors and teachers advocated computers in the classroom, and now they find themselves playing second fiddle to a touch pad.



No more the writing finger writ

No longer words on wall

A letter now is just a bit

In lecture’s empty hall

Professor at the lectern waits

His notes in easy reach

Until distracting noise abates

So he can once more teach

The problem is, to fill the gaps

The wired ones at least

Have much more info in their laps

The teacher having ceased

To be the one who must purvey

The knowledge and the facts

Beginning with the course survey

And on for several acts

Today a touch pad brings to men

The Universe complete

With Wi-Fi Solon lives again

Yo teach, you can’t compete