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In yesterday’s post, A Weaker Horse, I wondered what President Obama had gotten for releasing five Iranian Qods Force officers captured in Irag at the start of the surge, and made reference in my 25 June post If This Be Treason, to the earlier release of Iranian trained terrorists who ambushed American soldiers while dressed in American uniforms, killing five and murdering four captives. But it turns out it was worse than we could have imagined. What is Obama getting for these releases of terrorists and Iranian terrorist trainers caught on the battlefield?


Consider the sequence: Iranian Qods Force officers captured in Iraq, and shortly after that the Iranians throw a journalist named Roxana Saberi into prison, keeping company with five British civilian contractors working in Iran. The Iranians then asked for the release of their people in return for Ms Saberi and the five Brits. The Obama administration immediately started negotiations, and today we find the outlines of the deal. We get a journalist back, the British get three civilian contractors back (two had already died in Iranian prison), and the Iranians get back hundreds of terrorists and terrorist trainers caught on the Iraqi battlefield. So the price has been set: kill as many of our guys as you like, and if we capture them we will return them as soon as you kidnap a journalist.


What of the deals Obama is making with our enemies? Has he some overarching strategy, something so big, so stupendous, that if it succeeds he will bring everlasting peace to the Middle East and to the world? Or is it just a deal, no different from the deals he did in Chicago? I think that’s all it is. Barack Obama has made deals that advanced his ambitions, and so this is just another deal, a deal he thinks will ingratiate him with the Mullahs in Iran with whom he hopes to strike a grand bargain. It is all of a piece with his vision of himself. Think of the people he has allied himself with on the way up: Professor William Ayers, founder of the radical Weathermen, who planted bombs in the US Capitol but never served a day in jail, and hates the United States to this day; the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, racist anti-white, anti-American hate monger; and his new Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, the man who released Puerto Rican terrorists who bombed a New York restaurant killing many people, and who will very likely shortly name a Special Prosecutor to try the Bush administration for war crimes. These are Obama’s people, and so, apparently, are Iranian killers of American soldiers.



Preacherman scream KKK

Obamaman say sweetly

Obamaman no hear him say

He listen so discreetly

Professorman hate USA

Obamaman say sweetly

Obamaman say it’s okay

He writes his hate so neatly

Mullahman say kill GIs

Obamaman say sweetly

As long as they’re all in disguise

They’re innocent completely

Mahmoudman say let’s make deal

Obamaman say sweetly

I’ve just the one to make you feel

So full of love repletely

Malikiman say out of town

Obamaman say sweetly

To all the muslims I am bow’n

And moving quite retreatly

To all of them and many more

Obamaman say sweetly

I’m giving you the whole damn store

Now bury us concretely