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Words Are All We Have

Words. The Obama administration has belatedly come to realize they cannot long continue using words to obfuscate and confuse. The other day someone actually uttered the forbidden word “terrorist”, though of course it was hoped the terrorist would turn out to be a right wing tea party zealot. When it turned out the Times Square bomber was a Pakistani trained by al Qaeda, Janet Napolitano, the head of Homeland Security, told reporters the system worked because the bomb failed to explode. Words like terror and Islam and terrorist are not to be uttered, lest those who are determined to kill us take offense. A few days ago Attorney General Eric Holder, in a congressional hearing, was asked if he thought the terror acts were done by Islamic radicals, and Holder refused to answer, saying that such acts have many reasons for happening. They’re only words, and words are all they have, to take our hearts away. 



Words have meanings, someone said

Though not so much today

We listen to our betters speak

And don’t know what they say

With many meanings different now

From what they were of yore

One cannot tell if afterwards

Now means what came before

Where once was Mrs or just Miss

We now must call her Ms

We speak in riddles to confuse

Who knows what is is is

Big Sis claims victory when a

Car bomb fails to explode

The President blames it on Them

Who we all know is code

For right wing zealots who drink tea

And wish to do him ill

And sees not folks who work real hard

To kill us and they will



Rule 303

In Breaker Morant, Morant and Handcock are court-martialed for executing captured Boer prisoners they believed had tortured, mutilated and killed Captain Hunt, their commanding officer. At the trial, Morant was asked by what authority he killed the captured Boers, and he said, “By Rule 303,” referring to the .303 caliber of the Enfield rifle carried by the British soldiers. Rule 303 means, quite simply, he who has the guns, rules. The decision by Attorney General Eric Holder, the man who set free Puerto Rican terrorists who killed innocent Americans in a New York Central Park restaurant, to Mirandize the Christmas Day bomber who tried, but failed, to bring down an American airliner with over 300 people on board, killing them and possibly hundreds more on the ground, and try him in a civilian court with all the rights of an American citizen, has stated quite forcefully that the United States will not rule by 303, but will put the lives and safety of our citizens at risk for left wing ideological reasons. There was a time the West understood the best way to civilize those who would kill us was with a Belgian made Krag rifle.  



We need to go by wartime rules

Like rule point three oh three

The Taliban bomb children’s schools

They say girls can’t be free

Al Qaeda kills us just for fun

On camera hacked off heads

But we can’t kill them, not a one

We hand them off to Feds

Who give them lawyers who then tell

Their clients not to talk

They’ll plea with stuff they have to sell

In hopes that they will walk

Is this a way to win a war?

Oh right, it’s just a crime

And if we catch one it’s for sure

He’ll wind up doing time

Of course these days we’d surely gag

At thinking the idée

Of civilizing with a Krag

Or rule by 303



Civil Whites

Pajamas Media reports on the Justice Department’s refusal to cooperate with the US Civil Rights Commission’s investigation into why it (the Justice Department) refused to prosecute Black Panther thugs who threatened and intimidated white Philadelphia voters in a polling place. The Commission sent a letter directly to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding records, and were promptly stiffed by the Justice Department. The Civil Rights Commission, which is statutorily commanded to investigate violations of civil rights, has in effect been told by the Justice Department that only civil rights violations committed against blacks by whites will be prosecuted.    



Now you should know my civil right

Is trumping yours ‘cause I’m not white

That’s how it is and how it’s gonna be

Attorney General is not blind

He sees that rights flow to one kind

Of people and those people look like me

So don’t you go complaining now

That black men with some guns somehow

Were seen to be intimidating those

Who chose to vote for someone who

We do not like and chose to queue

And vote for oefays pig latin for foes

We run this country and besides

Now we’re the ones who take the rides

Upon the carousel with the brass ring

If you don’t like it you can leave

And if you do I sure won’t grieve

“Cause when you go we’ll make Obama king



Don’t Let’s Be Beastly

A war-time English music hall favorite by Noel Coward was a little ditty called Don’t Let’s Be Beastly To The Germans. The United States now has a president and his hand-picked attorney general who like to sing Don’t Let’s Be Beastly To The Vermins. Eric Holder, the radical leftist Attorney General of the United States, was instrumental in the pardoning and freeing of 16 convicted killers belonging to the Puerto Rican Marxist terrorist group FALN in 1999 by the outgoing Clinton administration, a political move designed to gain Puerto Rican votes for Hillary Clinton’s Senate race. No matter that the FALN carried out over 120 bombing attacks on US soil between 1974 and 1983, murdering dozens of innocent people. Politics is politics, especially as practiced by Democrats. And now Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, is up to his old tricks, helping his friends the terrorists again by releasing terrorists from Guantanamo and appointing a Special Prosecutor to harass and put in jail if at all possible the CIA guys who dared to question captured Al Qaeda big-wigs, who dared to protect Eric Holder’s real enemy, the United States.



Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans

The cheery words rang through the music hall

As now don’t let’s be beastly to the vermins

Now seems to be the new Obama call

O says we’re not the nation we believe in

He says we cannot be the ones we seek

He says we can’t be lyin’ and deceivin’

He says we’ve got to turn the other cheek

He says that Allah preaches peace and virtue

And peace and virtue’s all we ever need

He says us Muslims clearly will not hurt you

Unless you dare oppose our word and deed

We’re letting people go out of compassion

We’re clamping down on CIA misdeeds

We won last year and we’re the ones in fashion

So throw the Constitution in the weeds

We promised hope and change and you guys bought it

We didn’t tell we hoped to change it all

I hoped to get it done before you caught it

I hoped by robbing Peter to pay Paul

That I could move the folks in my direction

A movement built completely around me

So we could do away with the election

And I could reign till 2053




In yesterday’s post, A Weaker Horse, I wondered what President Obama had gotten for releasing five Iranian Qods Force officers captured in Irag at the start of the surge, and made reference in my 25 June post If This Be Treason, to the earlier release of Iranian trained terrorists who ambushed American soldiers while dressed in American uniforms, killing five and murdering four captives. But it turns out it was worse than we could have imagined. What is Obama getting for these releases of terrorists and Iranian terrorist trainers caught on the battlefield?


Consider the sequence: Iranian Qods Force officers captured in Iraq, and shortly after that the Iranians throw a journalist named Roxana Saberi into prison, keeping company with five British civilian contractors working in Iran. The Iranians then asked for the release of their people in return for Ms Saberi and the five Brits. The Obama administration immediately started negotiations, and today we find the outlines of the deal. We get a journalist back, the British get three civilian contractors back (two had already died in Iranian prison), and the Iranians get back hundreds of terrorists and terrorist trainers caught on the Iraqi battlefield. So the price has been set: kill as many of our guys as you like, and if we capture them we will return them as soon as you kidnap a journalist.


What of the deals Obama is making with our enemies? Has he some overarching strategy, something so big, so stupendous, that if it succeeds he will bring everlasting peace to the Middle East and to the world? Or is it just a deal, no different from the deals he did in Chicago? I think that’s all it is. Barack Obama has made deals that advanced his ambitions, and so this is just another deal, a deal he thinks will ingratiate him with the Mullahs in Iran with whom he hopes to strike a grand bargain. It is all of a piece with his vision of himself. Think of the people he has allied himself with on the way up: Professor William Ayers, founder of the radical Weathermen, who planted bombs in the US Capitol but never served a day in jail, and hates the United States to this day; the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, racist anti-white, anti-American hate monger; and his new Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, the man who released Puerto Rican terrorists who bombed a New York restaurant killing many people, and who will very likely shortly name a Special Prosecutor to try the Bush administration for war crimes. These are Obama’s people, and so, apparently, are Iranian killers of American soldiers.



Preacherman scream KKK

Obamaman say sweetly

Obamaman no hear him say

He listen so discreetly

Professorman hate USA

Obamaman say sweetly

Obamaman say it’s okay

He writes his hate so neatly

Mullahman say kill GIs

Obamaman say sweetly

As long as they’re all in disguise

They’re innocent completely

Mahmoudman say let’s make deal

Obamaman say sweetly

I’ve just the one to make you feel

So full of love repletely

Malikiman say out of town

Obamaman say sweetly

To all the muslims I am bow’n

And moving quite retreatly

To all of them and many more

Obamaman say sweetly

I’m giving you the whole damn store

Now bury us concretely