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What If Tuesday Never Comes

In the old Popeye comic strip, Wimpy was wont to say that he’d gladly take a hamburger today and pay for it tomorrow. That is where we are today. The United States is some twenty trillion dollars in debt, a number so large no one knows just what the figure really is. But it will have to be paid some day, some future Tuesday, because, like Wimpy, we have had our hamburgers today, with a promise to pay tomorrow. But what if Tuesday never comes?



What if Tuesday never comes

What if payment’s never due

What if debt in untold sums

Covers Earth like morning dew

Who would fund Damocles’ blade

Who would pay for what is sold

Who would sell if not be paid

What is nothing worth in gold

What if Sunday comes the lash

And the world of sugarplums

Ends on Monday with a crash

And the Tuesday never comes


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