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Mark Steyn clarifies the debate over health care saying Sarah Palin’s remarks about death panels resonated in a way that rationing never did. The health care bill approved by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee provides federal grants to state and local governments as well as to a national network of community organizers (read ACORN) to promote healthy living, reduce disparities, and to monitor people’s weight, eating and exercise habits. (Pages 382-387 of the bill posted on the committee’s website.) And why should it end there? If allowed to come to pass, Obama and his radical left-wing agenda will result in the destruction of the United States as we have known it for the last two hundred plus years. The only question is, where will they put the camps for the obese and the dissidents? Who will manufacture the Zyklon B?  


For non-WWII buffs, Zyklon B is a cyanide based insecticide used by the Nazis in WWII to kill Jews and other people they considered undesirable. The insecticide came in pellets impregnated with a warming substance, so that when exposed to the air it released hydrogen cyanide, a deadly gas. The Nazis herded a couple of thousand naked people, the old, the women and children, into the gas chambers where the doors where locked and a guard on the roof emptied a bucket of Zyklon B pellets into a shaft. The people inside took 20 to 30 agonizing minutes to die, after which the bodies were carted to the crematoria. Will the Obama left go that far? The history of Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, the Khmer Rouge and others shows that the Left always goes that far.



Little Johnny’s overweight

It coulda been something he ate

It coulda been he got his momma’s genes

It doesn’t matter to the One

What’s good for father’s good for son

He’s got to know what health care really means

His daddy now admits he smokes

That second hand endangers folks

And since this is the second time he’s sinned

His punishment is durance vile

Where he can contemplate the style

In which our organizers sniff the wind

Now mommy she is neither fat

Nor smokes and we are thankful that

She stays within herself and keeps the rules

Our Acorn people say that she

Is quite delightful company

And spies upon the kiddies in the schools

We’re getting there, we’re on our way

To having all the folks obey

Each rule and regulation and decree

We have the plans and specs to build

The camps upon the land we’ve filled

Now all we need is cans of Zyklon B