Tangled Webs

The Pakistani government furiously insists it did not know bin Laden was living in the middle of the Pakistan Military Academy, does not know any Taliban and if it did it would arrest them, and so on. The Pakistani government deceives us at every turn, yet insists it is a faithful ally of the United States. For the moment we seem content to be deceived, but there will come the day when the web of deceit will be forcefully untangled.



Tangled webs be tangled still

The knots be tightly drawn

The tangler thinks that it’s his will

Not knowing that the dawn

Will soon come flooding in with light

The strands in bold relief

And he’ll not see another night

Despite his cold belief

That he is smarter much by far

Than those that he would spin

And when the door then stands ajar

And Death comes silent in

The room is filled with frightened screams

That he would not deceive

But tangled webs yield tangled dreams

And Death will never grieve


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