The Tea Party has come under intense fire from the administration, the press and liberals in general, and with good reason. The Left knows the tea partiers are dangerous to their continued mastery of the culture and politics of the country. The tea partiers are dangerous because they are ordinary Americans, middle class people who never before thought of protesting the government or anything else, who believed that as long as things went along fairly well the country could correct any deviations, any mistakes. And for most of our history they were right; the country was self-correcting. But now ordinary Americans are afraid the Obama administration is taking the country down a path of debt and socialism that the country may not be able to recover from. And so they gather in greater and greater numbers, shrugging off the lying attacks by the Democrats and the lapdog media, gathering strength. The Left knows the Tea Parties are the tip of the tsunami. Ordinary Americans are slow to anger, slow to get seriously involved, as slow, almost, as the tectonic plates moving the continents about, but once they are engaged, once their anger reaches the tipping point, the country changes course to common sense and first principles, to the rule of law and the Constitution. And the Left cannot abide the thought.   



Thin as eggshell mantle slides

Creating tectonic divides

As continents on magma creep

Subducted in the ocean deep

And so it proves in man’s affairs

When times are good that no one cares

Who gets to sit on Caesar’s throne

Or who decides the culture’s tone

But when the movement starts to speed

When things grow dark and start to bleed

It’s then America grows tense

And some will say with common sense

We’ll stop the madness in its tracks

If act before the mirror cracks

If not then just as plates collide

We’ll be subducted in the slide

And pass from history with a sigh

Without so much as a goodbye



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