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The Darkness Or The Dawn

Obama is doing a great job of presiding over the impending demise of the United States, a demise greatly desired by Obama’s parents, Obama’s dear friends the Ayers and Reverend Wright, and by Obama himself. The left laments, with crocodile tears, the descent into mediocrity, all the while working hard to speed up that descent. But there are others who say, Not So Fast! We’re taking over.  



The light is dim and dimly seen

It’s dawn and all is quite serene

Broad uplands stretch before our eyes

The world is ours and our fair prize

Not so, come whispers from the dark

The cliff is near, the crisis stark

The light you see is not the dawn

It’s dimming now and soon be gone

The curtain now is drawing low

It’s dusk you see, a failing glow

With soon the darkness coming nigh

Where wolves will howl at blackest sky

At dawn empire claims at birth

That all can see what freedom’s worth

At dusk empire empty drifts

Through chasms, valleys, endless rifts

And chastened longs for what is gone

And knows the night won’t bring a dawn

But others, made of sterner stuff

Cry Stand Back! We Have Had Enough!

Your Keynes and Marx have always failed

We’re here to say your ship has sailed

We’ve got the helm and changing course

Tea Parties bring a new found force

The old is out, the lines are drawn

We march into the shining dawn



A Maximum Of Civility

A revolution is underway in the United States, brought on by the Tea Parties and the resounding repudiation of the leftist form of government that has grown up around us like a cancer. There are those, of course, who do not like revolution; too messy, too untidy. These people understand the revolution is happening, but hope it is conducted with a maximum of civility. Can a modern major revolution be conducted in a civil manner? The answer is to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s A Modern Major General.



We like our revolutions with the maximum civility

We like to think we get along to best of our ability

We want no fuss nor wish no muss

We want the world to liken us

To cheerful riders on a bus

That leads to our facility

Where we can do our best to see that everyone is happily

Engaged in work and play they do precisely well and snappily

A world where men know best and then

We’ll dance and sing and laugh again

And poets take up ink and pen

To Nomes and Indianapoli

Yes revolutions are done best when all are smiling merrily

And friends and foes alike are greeted ma’am-ily and sir-ily

And when it’s o’er our little war

Leaves no one mad and no one sore

The rich still rich the poor still poor

And all will shout, yea verily





The Tea Party has come under intense fire from the administration, the press and liberals in general, and with good reason. The Left knows the tea partiers are dangerous to their continued mastery of the culture and politics of the country. The tea partiers are dangerous because they are ordinary Americans, middle class people who never before thought of protesting the government or anything else, who believed that as long as things went along fairly well the country could correct any deviations, any mistakes. And for most of our history they were right; the country was self-correcting. But now ordinary Americans are afraid the Obama administration is taking the country down a path of debt and socialism that the country may not be able to recover from. And so they gather in greater and greater numbers, shrugging off the lying attacks by the Democrats and the lapdog media, gathering strength. The Left knows the Tea Parties are the tip of the tsunami. Ordinary Americans are slow to anger, slow to get seriously involved, as slow, almost, as the tectonic plates moving the continents about, but once they are engaged, once their anger reaches the tipping point, the country changes course to common sense and first principles, to the rule of law and the Constitution. And the Left cannot abide the thought.   



Thin as eggshell mantle slides

Creating tectonic divides

As continents on magma creep

Subducted in the ocean deep

And so it proves in man’s affairs

When times are good that no one cares

Who gets to sit on Caesar’s throne

Or who decides the culture’s tone

But when the movement starts to speed

When things grow dark and start to bleed

It’s then America grows tense

And some will say with common sense

We’ll stop the madness in its tracks

If act before the mirror cracks

If not then just as plates collide

We’ll be subducted in the slide

And pass from history with a sigh

Without so much as a goodbye



Tea Parties – Hinges Of History?

Not to get the big picture too big, but we may be at the beginning of one of those Hinges Of History future historians will write about at length, much along the lines of the political realignment that saw the demise of the Whigs. The Tea Partiers are working from the ground up to capture and remake or restore the Republican Party to conservative first principles. Will it work? Who knows. But what we do know is that every event has a presaging event, and that event a presaging event, and so on, without which the event would not have happened. With the Tea Parties that event was the election of Barack Obama and his immediate voyage to change the economic and political system of the United States to European style socialism. Had Hillary or John McCain been elected it is doubtful either would have pursued the course Obama chose, and thus no Tea Parties. In my view the Tea Parties are the culmination of events that began long ago. Pick your starting point. Any will do. If Winston Churchill had not persuaded a reluctant British Cabinet in September 1914 to declare war on Germany, Germany would have won a small scale European war by Christmas 1914, territory would have been exchanged, five empires would have remained intact, there would have been no Stalin, no Hitler, no World War 2, no flight to the moon in 1969. The entire history of the world these past 95+ years would have been different. But Churchill’s speech to the Cabinet in 1914 had its own presaging events, without which Churchill would not have given the speech. So where to start? We are where we are. Churchill’s speech that led to a four year war that toppled European civilization, was, I believe, one of the Hinges Of History. It remains to be seen if the Tea Party movement is a Hinge Of History, but I think it has the makings of being one.



When citizens have had enough

When citizens get mad

They grumble, mumble curse and fret

When seeing things go bad

Obama promised hope and change

All with a wink and smirk

And once in office said that he’d

Make socialism work

He gave GM to union friends

He raised the debt to heights

That gave the decent citizens

The screaming, reaming frights

He tore apart our great health care

The finest in the world

By buying votes and making deals

All done with wet lips curled

And so the people of this land

Assembled as their right

And formed a party to oppose

Hussein with all their might

They march with placards proudly high

They march to the attack

The Tea Parties are here to say

They want their country back



Just One Of Those Things

A recent Belmont Club post discusses Ben McCarthy’s New Yorker article on the rise of the Tea Party movement, and finds that McCarthy thinks it is just another of the many cultural movements that have taken place in American history – that it’s just one of those things. But it isn’t just one of those things. The country has never been in such perilous economic condition before, with over 30 trillion dollars in debt facing our children and grandchildren, and the Congress and the Executive, of both parties, committed to distributing more and more of the wealth we no longer have to more and more outstretched palms. No, the Tea Party movement is not just one of those things. The Tea Party movement is composed of ordinary patriotic, tax-paying citizens who are frightened at the direction the country is taking, and are determined to reverse that course and reintroduce the forgotten concept of sanity. 



It was just one of those things

Just one of those crazy flings

One of those yells that now and then brings

Just one of those things

It was just one of those nights

Just one of those fabulous flights

A trip to jejune

On gossamer wings

Just one of those things

If we thought a bit of the end of it

When we started bagging the tea

We’d have been aware that this whole affair

Would result in setting us free

So goodbye Barack and amen

Here’s hoping you’re never again

You’ve been great fun

But you’ve been just one of those things



How Dare You Look Behind The Curtain

The Obama administration is gearing up to launch a counter-attack on the Tea Party folk, and anyone else who does not see the wisdom and sacramental nature of the Obama program to socialize the country. As we speak, minions are fanning out across the country, screaming and screeching, convinced that if they but scream and screech loud enough and often enough the American public will come to their senses and embrace the Sacred Truth as espoused by the Anointed One, President Barack Hussein Obama. They hoodwinked the country in November of 2008, let us see if they can hoodwink us again. 



The Yalie man in just pressed suit

Declares the question is now moot

The game is won we just don’t know the score

The President has made his bones

By naming truther nut Van Jones

To be the front man for the green scam store

Now Jones is gone and for his pains

The president can make no gains

With terroristic people who shout No!

To everything the Prez can try

To shake this country out to dry

And listen not to what their betters know

Those jobless figures now it seems

Are just one of the rightwing schemes

To make the stimulation seem inept

A trillion here a trillion there

We can’t see why the folks would care

That we pulled that one off while people slept

The VP says that jobs were saved

With bridges built and roadways paved

And anyway the numbers just don’t lie

And Mr. Gibbs just smiles and says

We have a most enchanting Prez

Who faced with No! will do it on the sly



Obamacare Kaput

Once out of the closed door sessions in the House, once out of committee and into public view, Tea Parties and other demonstrations have indicated to the Obama administration that nationalized single payer Obamacare is dead. There are simply not enough Democrat votes in the Congress to pass it in its contemplated form. The Blue Dogs are running scared and the far left has vowed not to vote for anything if the Public Option is taken out. For this reason Obama has scaled back and is now pushing for insurance reform. It is not yet clear what this will entail, but if he signs a bill that removes pre-conditions and allows the market to set the fees, it will be a good first step toward realistic health care reform. And if he also miraculously defies the trial lawyers and gets tort reform, the country will be much the better for it. Tort reform looks like a non-starter for the Democrats, but even minimal insurance reform will be welcome, and Obama can trumpet it as a victory. But Obamacare is dead, possibly for all time, though that’s what Harry Truman thought when he buried the Henry Wallace Stalinist wing in 1948 only to see it rise from the ashes 20 years later in the person of George McGovern and take over the party.



I’m so relieved, the patient said

I thought they’d given me for dead

But now I see I’m kicking once again

I’m on my feet and feeling fine

I’m pleased to say that me and mine

Are once more in the land of laws not men

We raised ourselves in righteous wrath

We showed our congressmen the math

And said we would not take this lying down

At Tea Parties we let them know

That they no longer run the show

That we won’t sell free lives to DC town

And now Obamacare is done

And he no longer is the One

Who whistles and the pack does what he says

We knocked him down a peg or two

And let him know that you know who

Says take that stuff and stuff it in your fez