The 38th Parallel, Again

South Korea has defied the Russians, the Chinese and the North Koreans, and will begin a planned artillery exercise today despite the warning from North Korea that doing so constitutes a casus belli, and will respond with overwhelming force if the artillery shoot goes forward. The North says if the war starts, it will go nuclear. We shall see. The North Koreans have threatened to incinerate Seoul, and one day they just might do it. They threaten to sink American warships in the Yellow Sea, and one day just might do it. The North Korean leadership is crazy, everyone says, though they seem to be doing all right. Every time they threaten us we hurry them to the negotiating table where we threaten them with dire consequences if they don’t accept our money, our food and our oil. Sure sounds crazy to me. And if they ever carry out their threats to turn Seoul into a radioactive parking lot, what will our response be? Well, if they do it while Obama is in power the answer is – nothing.



When North Korea bombards Seoul

Obama’s guys will take a poll

To see if we should act or sing and dance

We must not act just out of fear

But wait until the facts are clear

We must of course leave nothing up to chance

Our allies spread throughout the world

Don’t want their banners yet unfurled

Too early still to know what’s going on

It’s better that we just hold back

To see if it’s just one attack

Or just the king-four move of lonely pawn

Our lone response from Sec of State

Will show the Norks we are irate

That they would start to shoot in midst of talks

We know that Kim’s a peaceful man

Who’s doing all that one man can

To hold in check his country’s youthful hawks

And so we offer Kim a bribe

Such things as we will not describe

But first among them cash and oil and food

We must do nothing to inflame

Or cause our foes at home to blame

Us for our country’s ugly sour mood



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