The Anointed

The entrails indicate that the white smoke issuing from Bill’s pants proclaims the new leader of the Free World will be Hillary Clinton, or at least the leader of the disloyal Democratic Party. Her incompetence as Secretary of State is the stuff of legend. Her lies about what happened in Benghazi the night four American, including the American ambassador, were murdered by Muslims tripped off her smiling tongue like honey dripping off the claws of a sweet-toothed bear. Hillary has a long and unsavory history of corruption and incompetence that makes her the ideal Democrat candidate. The Rose Law firm billing records, Whitewater, stealing furniture from the White House when she and Bill vacated, Chinese Army money, the Benghazi consulate, the innocent video maker still in jail, the billions of dollars from foreign countries in anticipation of her coronation, all these make her larger than life, a walking, breathing, pantsuited criminal enterprise that would make the most corrupt Chicago pol cramp up with envy. E-mails? Add them to the list.

The child dreams of his magic tooth
And Aesop had his fables
And both had much more of the truth
Than State Department cables
Whitewater seems a child’s play rhyme
A scam, a small time caper
That got laughed off, she did no time
The charges so much vapor
She always was a coattail girl
Bright in her husband’s aura
Slow dancing in the maddened whirl
To gather golden flora
She needed friends to get ahead
A liberal, no thinker
Her politics were not quite red
But definitely pinker
First Lady but a stepping stone
To future elevation
To where she now fights for the throne
That’s far above her station
The law cares not for what she did
The Clintons are above it
You want the emails that she hid?
She’ll tell you to go shove it
But what of that one well may ask
The job has no description
For as of late the only task
Is writing the prescription
For leftist power to define
The country’s demolition
And Hill will write the final line
With passionate volition

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