Barack Obama, having taken over the country’ health care system and automobile industry, has now taken over the Internet, forcing it to conform to a law written in 1934 to control the activities of Ma Bell, then the provider of telephone service for millions of people. The Internet, of course, is enjoyed by billions of people throughout the world, which is why Obama will now regulate it. Not only must the United States bend to his communist will, so must the rest of the world. Obama’s purpose is not to regulate the Internet or the health care system, but to regulate us. And since the Internet will now be forced back to the copper wire world of 1934, then there must be someone who knows where the invisible wires are, the invisible wires that bind us to Obama’s will. There must be offices with steel map drawers, with drawing boards and draftsmen updating the maps as new wires are laid and old wires replaced or removed. There must be, in addition, a grid system defining named areas of wire enclosure, plus an outside field force to maintain and repair the wires damaged by ice storms and vandals. Ultimately the population will be known by the grid in which they live and in which they are, at least in the communications sense, confined. The capture and subjugation of the Internet is but part of the world wide data capture by Intelligence agencies now turned over to Homeland Security by an Obama administration uncomfortable when not having absolute control of everything it can get its hands on. I spoke to the young inexperienced and incompetent Obama woman in charge of the wires just today, and she was excited at the prospect of capturing, from every misbegotten place on Earth where a cell tower has been erected or a spool of copper wire laid, every spoken word, every written sentence, whether English or Tagalog, Urdu or Spanish, and running it all through the vast, temperature controlled floors filled with teraflop mainframes to be translated, analyzed and the sender and receiver identified.

A brave new world, she gaily cried
We’re safe as we can be
Bad people have nowhere to hide
At last we’re truly free
Free to live now without fear
We cannot be attacked
And all because Barack, the dear
Is watching, that’s a fact
And it’s my job to keep in touch
With all who use the net
And telephones and fax and such
Indeed your tv set
And those who say we did create
A tyranny at best
A freedom stifling fascist state
I say the wired West
Is freer now than in the past
We’re free to think and dream
The world is open, free and vast
Except to the extreme
The ill-formed thought, ill-chosen words
A careless verb or noun
Are gathered in like flocking birds
If spoke or written down
Remember, it’s the price we pay
Be careful, that’s for sure
Or there will come, it’s sad to say
A knock upon your door

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