The Ant And The Grasshopper

The conservative members of the GOP, read Tea Party, understand that small victories lead to larger victories. In the battle with the president over raising the debt ceiling, thereby giving Obama another four trillion dollars to squander and put us deeper in debt and closer to edge of the cliff, the conservatives did not crumble, they held their ground, and they accomplished something. The public, and more importantly, independent voters, know who are the grasshoppers and who the ants.



Grasshoppers sure are cheerful fellows

They play all summer long

The ant, meanwhile, stores for the winter

They hear grasshopper’s song

And chide them for their leisured lifestyle

At which grasshoppers smirk

And tell the ants that only fools and

Ants do all the work

That’s where we are now in this country

With grasshoppers in charge

Believing summer’s never ending

And no debt is too large

But down below the grassy surface

The ants are stirring now

And taking aim at the grasshoppers

And pledging that their vow

Is smaller government that listens

To what the Founders said

And 2012 when new world glistens

The grasshopper is dead


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