The Belgian Connection

Many of the Muslim terrorists who murdered one hundred and thirty people in Paris recently, and wounded hundreds more, were Belgian citizens, most living in Brussels, where the attack was planned and started from. There is a history here. There was no such place as Belgium until 1830. What is now Belgium was part of France, the northern district of Flanders, taken from France when Napoleon abdicated in 1814, and added to the Netherlands, forming the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Riots in Brussels in 1830 resulted in the formation of the Kingdom of Belgium. Most of the new Kingdom of Belgium spoke French, which they do to this day. The Muslim terrorists also spoke French, leading one to wonder if the urgent warnings of Muslim attacks on Brussels are related at all to a revanchist movement to reclaim Flanders for France, as part of a larger European France based Caliphate.

Obama says that ISIS are the jayvees
That countries have both air forces and navies
That ISIS could not conquer such as France and
That if they tried they would not stand a chance and
Besides the Muslims are a peaceful bunch that
Would never do it and he has a hunch that
It all would quiet down if we are nice to
The murderers if we just pay the price to
Give them their Caliphate and stop these tussles
And have their capital in Muslim Brussels

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