The Invisible War

It develops that President Obama, having eagerly surrendered our advantage in Iraq to Iran, and putting thirty thousand men into Afghanistan, a landlocked stone age country of absolutely no importance to the United States, has stealthily begun his own series of low level wars, using drones and small numbers of special forces. How lovely. Everything is stealthy now, including the administration. Stealthy drones, stealthy airplanes, stealthy submarines, robots, invisibility cloaks, nothing to see here, move along. Yet it all comes down to the visible finger on the very visible button that opens the silo door. When that happens we will all be invisible.

With drones and airplanes stealthy
The art of war is healthy
With battlefields no longer like the Somme
No casualties to speak of
And after a short week of
Invisible sharp conflict comes the bomb
For everyone has nukes up
When someone puts his dukes up
The boomers flood their tubes and wait their turn
Invisible and stealthy
No longer just the wealthy
Can say the word and watch the landscape burn

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