The Bell Curve

The Florida Educational Association has recently adopted explicit racial standards for their schools, to be in place by 2018. In these new standards, 90% of Asian students are expected to be able to read at grade level, Whites at 88%, Hispanics at 81% and Blacks at 74%. For math, Asian students are expected to score 92% on standardized tests, Whites at 86%, Hispanics at 80% and Blacks at 74%. Instead of fixing the schools and getting out from under the thumb of the corrupt teachers unions, they lower the standards for the kids. But why should there be standards based on race at all? According to all right thinking apologists, race has nothing to do with it. Haven’t they been screaming about The Bell Curve for almost thirty years now?


The very nerve

To think a curve

Could put someone in place

Or IQ test

Reveal the best

It couldn’t be one’s race

Nobody white

Cries it ain’t right

That Asians get high score

It’s safe to say

That DNA

Determines you’ll be poor

I’ve never thought

Brains could be bought

Or drugs could make you smart

You’re what you are

A dunce or star

The gods just throw a dart

You cannot choose

You’re born to lose

Or maybe born to win

But don’t complain

‘Cause in the main

You’re same as all your kin


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