President For Life

Stiff upper lips are all right, hang in there for four years and get ‘em next time is all right, but it is not the next four years that concerns me, it’s the next forty years. I won’t be around to see it, but my grandchildren will, and it concerns me greatly, even frightens me when I think of what the country will be in forty years. Forty years seems a long time when looking up at it, but when looking back, forty years is the Nixon landslide of 1972, when I was in my forties. So it is not such a long way off at all. What principally concerns me is the Supreme Court. There are three Justices who are over eighty, and who are going to be replaced by Obama. He is not going to nominate a moderate. He is going to nominate and seat three hard left Justices, and the Court will be the mechanism whereby the Leftist revolution is completed, and the only question is will that revolution be soft left socialism or hard left Marxist dictatorship. I can even imagine Obama running for a third and fourth term, regardless of the Twenty-second amendment to the Constitution, which the Court could conceivably rule unconstitutional on the grounds it was punitive in nature, which it was, being a vindictive measure directed by a Republican Congress at the bones of FDR. Not a stretch by any imagination, because the Left knows no restrictions on its activities or agendas. Does the rule of law mean anything to Obama? Ask the Chrysler bondholders what they think of that. I hope I am as mistaken in this as I was in believing Romney would, temporarily at least, stop the bleeding, but I am not overly optimistic. I believe it will be a long time before the United States returns to any semblance of a Constitutional Republic.


I believe Barack Obama will be, or, since 6 November 2012, already is the first elected Emperor of the United States. But they don’t call themselves Emperors any longer, they now call themselves Presidents for Life. Three brand new hard left Supreme Court Justices will ramrod a decision that the Twenty-second Amendment is unconstitutional. We will never again see an honest election. Expect, about 2024, near the end of his fourth term, that Barack Hussein will anoint himself President for Life, to the cheers and huzzahs of the entire plantation.


In the flickering glow of the torchlight parade

Obama, the President for Life

Smiled as he gazed at the nation he’d made

And turned to his young nubile wife

And said the fools cheering below without pause

Have traded their freedom for cheese

He’d made them all paupers and beggars because

As beggars they’re easy to please

He waved to the crowd and then walked through the door

That led to a room of gold thrones

And smiled to his wife and said, cheese and what’s more

They’re pleased that I gave them free phones


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