The Big Tent

The Big Tent of the Democratic Party is dead.  The Left had a good long run, seventy years, the number that seems to be the maximum length of time anything can sustain itself, and the reason is that seventy years is the length of time it takes for those who bought into the institution or economic bubble or anything else for that matter, to die, and bring to an end the ideas that brought about the institution or bubble in the first place. And so the Leftist socialist utopia begun under FDR is at an end. Obama is the bookend to Franklin Roosevelt. The Big Socialist Tent’s seventy years are up, because nobody believes in what they’re selling any more.



At the edge of the fairgrounds

All tattered and torn

The mildewed old canvas

Sits sad and forlorn

Where once it stood proudly

The Midway’s grand prize

Fairgoers now see

It was nothing but lies

No longer the big top

No more the trapeze

No longer the clown car

No children to please

The circus is closing

It had a great run

But people stopped coming

It was no longer fun



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