The Bloody Claw

The country is obsessing over phantom Russians while in Europe western civilization is committing suicide. The biggest story in the history of the world is happening right now in Europe, where the people who built the modern world, the people who invented science and medicine and law, have decided to turn the continent over to a muslim people who have no connection whatever with Europe, science, or law. In thirty years Europe will be muslim. This is not population trends, this is counting actual bodies on the ground, and the stark difference between the European muslim birthrate of 3.8 live births per woman of child-bearing age and the post-Christian European below replacement birthrate of 1.6 live births per woman. Muslims refuse to assimilate, and European men will have to decide if they will follow their leftist leaders into oblivion or fight for their history and the land of their ancestors. If they decide to fight, there will be another Thirty Years war in Europe to remove all muslims, but if western women are committed to not having babies, then all efforts to survive will have been in vain. Demographers tell us that the continent of Africa, which now has approximately one billion people, will, by mid-century, have four billion people. A continent that cannot provide for one billion people now will have four times as many people in thirty years. Malthus will eventually take care of the problem of a four billion people Africa once there is no more European medicine and science and NGOs to keep them alive, but until then it will be a problem. How do you turn away a starving baby when he arrives at your front door? In thirty years the United States will be minority white population. What happens when only one third to one quarter of the population of the United States is white? Are we still a First World country? Are muslim western European countries still First World countries? There is not much room for optimism. The light of western civilization that gave science and law to the world is dimming, and will soon go out,

The dimming light grows dimmer still
And soon will freedom end
For Europe seems to lack the will
Their countries to defend
Against invasion by the hordes
Of muslim migrants who
Believe that babies, not sharp swords
Deliver what they view
As theirs by grant of Allah’s might
As holy writ has taught
And so it is the dimming night
Without a battle fought
Meanwhile the Spanish speakers come
Across our borders free
They too believe the numbered sum
Of each new family tree
Will end in time with Spanish tongue
The language of the land
The English from which science sprung
No more than drifting sand
And so it ends, two thousand years
Of science, art and law
The world again with hungry tears
And ruled by bloody claw

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