Shoes And Rice

Feminists demand that white men be removed from society, by non-violent means if possible, by violent means if necessary. Demands are made that white male privilege be removed from all aspects of society, that marriage is rapine slavery and the world would be a far better place without white men. Eventually white men will tire of this and end it with a shrug. What the feminists and social justice warriors do not understand is that men allow women to participate in the society men have built, and can just as easily disallow that participation. And if women are denied access to the professions, then there will be no more women lawyers to argue that men must be eradicated. I spoke to a social justice feminist recently, and she was unconcerned that men would deny women access to the vote or to the professions.

They would not dare, she laughed and said
Then smiled and shook her pretty head
And said again, they would not dare
To touch a single strand of hair
To do so would be war
We women have known much success
We know the power we possess
We rule the world in spite of men
And let me say it once again
It’s white men we abhor
Italian men are quite all right
And Frenchmen keep us up all night
And Spanish men with flashing eyes
That cause a thousand female sighs
We simply just adore
But here at home we must insist
White privilege will not be missed
And white men must all be replaced
Society be woman based
To even up the score
She walked away, believing still
That women pay the rapist’s bill
For marriage, children, shoes and rice
But sexbots now are just as nice
And gift wrapped by the store

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