The Borers From Within

The clearest lesson of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is that we are always in a time of war between wars, and this time the war between wars is Syria, a continuation of the war between wars that was Libya. The removal of Saddam Hussein and the conquest of Iraq that would have led to a permanent American armed base in the strategic center of the Middle East was torpedoed by the treasonous and now in power American Left, whose policy is to arm our enemies and to so weaken the United States that we become vulnerable to those enemies, thus leading to domestic tyranny under the carefully scripted and false imperative of homeland defense. What comes next, after Syria? Immolation of the Middle East, not by us but by Israel, in self defense upon being attacked. So far evident to all. But even the immolation of the Middle East is but a war between wars, and at some point the United States will be faced with transcendent peril, as weak militarily, thanks to Obama, as we were on December 7, 1941. Only this time the oceans will not save us, for it will be a come as you are war, and Obama, by design, will have left us naked. It is no coincidence that Obama announced he would arm the Syrian rebels only hours after those rebels declared allegiance to our sworn killer enemy, al Qaeda.

Well warned we were of enemies
Come boring from within
Of elements here on our soil
Who claim to be our kin
But who in fact do wish us harm
And work to do us ill
And burrowing beneath the soil
Have managed with great skill
To capture all our campuses
Our media and youth
And turn our very honor in
To lies that once were truth
They’ve opened up the borders to
The hungry third world mass
And give to them the earnings of
The working middle class
And in return the illegals
Then fill the voter rolls
And at the party boss’s word
They’re marched off to the polls
Eternal power is the game
And it’s within their grasp
They’ve turned our freedom’s scepter in
To Cleopatra’s asp

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