It’s Only Words

Obama has said many things, and we have learned, to our sorrow, that in order to understand what it is he’s saying we have to apply to his words the exact opposite of their meaning. A nuclear free world means American disarmament. The most open administration in history means the most secretive and intrusive. For Obama, peace means submission, and the only truth Obama ever speaks is when he says he seeks peace with Islam.

He said we’re safe with gun free zones
A nuke free world the goal
We need no army, only drones
And trust would make us whole
He said that leading from behind
Gave us a wide sight line
And if to enemies we’re kind
Then things would turn out fine
The Arab Spring, he said, would lead
To human rights and wealth
And so he urged the utmost speed
So Qaeda could, by stealth
Submit the region to the sword
Of Islam raging red
Thus bringing peace of one accord
At least that’s what he said

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