The Boyfriend

Why do young women, and especially young, unmarried white women, love Obama so dearly? Well, he’s cool and handsome, an alpha male, and he’s black. But why do they still love him no matter how he treats them, no matter how much harm he is doing to the country? Well, he’s cool and handsome, an alpha male, and he’s black. He’s the boyfriend they can’t forget, the cold, indifferent boyfriend they love and lust for, no matter what.


He left her crying, in the lurch

She waited for him at the church

He laughed as she began the search

For the boyfriend

He’s somewhere near, she said at last

I never thought he’d run so fast

He hadn’t done that in the past

The boyfriend

She cried, I’m done with him for good

I’ll even leave the neighborhood

I’d kill the bastard if I could

The boyfriend

I’ve got a new man, brave and strong

I should have had him all along

How could I have been oh so wrong

About the boyfriend

I’m sorry babe, he called that night

I beg you let me make things right

I love you babe with all my might

Your boyfriend

I’ll care for you and keep you warm

I’ll shelter you from every storm

Remember when we shared that dorm?

Your boyfriend

That new guy he’s just not your kind

A name like Mitt? Well never mind

Come back to me and you will find

Your boyfriend

I love you so, she sobbed and wailed

They said that all you did has failed

My ballot is already mailed

My boyfriend

I doubted yes your love for me

I’ll make it up to you, you’ll see

And you, Barack, will always be

My boyfriend


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