Today it has been reported that Special Counsel Mueller has seated a grand jury to investigate whatever it is he wants to investigate, so broad is the mandate given him by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a man who spent eight years in the Obama, Holder and Lynch Justice Department. Consider: from the day after the election it was the stated goal of the Democrat Party and a sizable portion of the Republican Washington establishment to nullify the election and remove a sitting president from office; a Democrat led media storm falsely charging Russian collusion during the campaign; the false charge that the newly appointed Attorney General failed to disclose a meeting with the Russian ambassador that led Mr. Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation into the Russian collusion charge, resulting in the Democrats getting one of their own into position to appoint a Special Counsel to look for a crime that might have been committed by Donald Trump at any point in his life. And it worked brilliantly. President Trump and his entire family and administration are now at the less than tender mercy of a partisan prosecutor with an unlimited budget, unlimited time, unlimited scope, and a crack staff of professional Democrats to do the investigating. We are assured it will be an impartial investigation. Of course it will be impartial. Everyone knows that. The final act for the Democrats will be winning the House and Senate in 2018, which they intend to accomplish by obstructing everything President Trump tries to do, aided by at least three Republican Senators and the entirety of the Washington press corps, after which the House will vote impeachment and the Senate will convict, whatever the charges, despite the Constitution stating that removing a president from office must be for high crimes (treason) and misdemeanors committed while in office. The Democrats and a few Republicans seem willing to tear the country apart in pursuit of retaining power for the establishment governing class. The Democrats believe deep down inside that Republicans are enemies and act accordingly, and Republicans believe deep down inside that Democrats are colleagues.

And so elections mean not much
When winners in the end have lost
And losers have the Midas touch
And win no matter what the cost
To country and the rule of law
What matters is who makes the rules
Who gets to wield the power raw
And who decides who wears the jewels
Intoxicating is the feel
Of losing yet the loser wins
And force the other guy to kneel
And beg forgiveness for his sins
The dragon slayers laid their plans
And now to see the dragon fall
And make of winners also rans
And oh the brilliance of it all

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