Where Can I Go?

The Congressional Republicans and the Democrats are just two wings of the same Government Ruling Class.  I had hoped that the 2010 election that saw a number of Tea Party additions to the Congress would give the Republicans some spine, but their actions and inactions over the past seven months has caused me to see no alternative but a new Conservative Party. Consider that the Republican led House and Senate have spent the last seven months holding hearings on the collusion illusion, investigating their own president, instead of investigating Loretta Lynch for obstruction of justice, Susan Rice and Samantha Power for unmasking American citizens, the Hillary pay for play State Department and the sale of our Uranium to the Russians to the immense financial profit of the Clintons. And who is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, now head man in the Justice Department for all matters relating to the Mueller investigation due to the recusal of Attorney General Sessions, apart from being in the Obama Justice Department for eight years? Consider that it was Rosenstein who wrote a memo recommending that Trump fire FBI Director James Comey, and after the firing Comey illegally leaked a classified government document to a friend to give to the NYT, saying he did it to get a Special Counsel appointed, and within hours Rosenstein appoints former FBI Director and Comey friend Robert Mueller to be Special Counsel and who immediately  assembled a team of Democrat activists to investigate Trump for collusion, and anything else Mueller wants to investigate, such is his power. I mention only briefly the failure of the Republican Congress to do what they promised to do for seven years, or for their sitting by and allowing the Democrats to savage, slander, stonewall and sabotage everything President Trump seeks to accomplish. Where can I go? I was born into a Democrat family and spent my early years a Harry Truman John Kennedy Democrat, but that Democrat Party no longer exists, and neither does the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan. Where can I go?

The swamp is full of scaly things
It’s full of snakes who think they’re kings
The Democrats and GOP
Are for themselves, not you and me
Eternal power’s what they seek
To keep them strong, the people weak
We have one Party, and not two
It’s purple, neither red nor blue
Republicans and Dems alike
Are riding on a tandem bike
Two seats, two pedals and two wheels
Disputing only which one steals
From whom and when, and I say jail
For both is due, and without bail

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