The Burkini

The beaches of France are seeing Muslim women in full body bathing suits, dubbed by the locals The Burkini. The problem arises when non-Muslims are perceived by Muslim men as perverts, lustfully ogling their presumed zaftig women. Fights ensue, and injuries accrue, though so far the lenient French authorities are loathe to accuse Muslims of injuring people. I see no problem here. Take a look at a 1910 phot of an American beach and you will see every woman dressed in full body swimsuits, and look at them just fifty years later in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis. I predict that the Muslim world will also progress, though at a slower pace, and that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis will be de rigueur on North African beaches in another two or three thousand years. It only takes one courageous woman to change the world.

Yes she wore a hot burkini
For the first time worn today
But through eye slit teeny weeny
Lustrous eyes began to play
Then she pulled herself together
With her husband taking care
She debated as to whether
She should show a little hair
Just a headscarf, bright and cheerful
The burkini hit the sand
Knowing she would get an earful
And from husband, back of hand
Worn beneath the hot burkini
She had dared to show her spunk
Was a yellow teeny weeny
For she knew Islam was bunk

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