The Last Ride Of Barack Obama

In a secluded corner of a dark train shed a high speed eight wheel locomotive waits, steam up, crew aboard, a single passenger car behind the tender. A sleek black limousine stops and a stoop shouldered Barack Obama emerges and quickly boards the train. Without a word the big drivers start to move and the train pulls quietly out of the train shed and onto the high iron, the open fire door casting bright orange light on the roiling smoke.

The train rolls through the policies of torn and rubbled streets
Of lies and sheer incompetence and treasonous defeats
Through deserts where there once was life but now is dry and bare
Across deep rivers where there lie betrayed friends in his care
Deserted cities where once fought brave men who lay in peace
Until their graves were given up and now their pain won’t cease
The big eight wheeler pounded on, deceptions cast aside
Bold lies and small deceits comingled for a smoother ride
Across a trestle high above the country and the law
Then past the farms where cut down fields were bare to the last straw
Into the night the train full sped, its lights reflecting track
That led nowhere and at the end there was no turning back
The train slowed down and stopped beside a flashing dead end sign
They’d reached the end, the dead end end, of the Obama line
In dead of night he left the train, no limousine to hand
And walked into the darkness of a strange and lonely land
In tattered clothes and unshaved beard he thought himself disguised
Full knowing the contempt with which he was reviled, despised
Held in contempt by all the world that once beheld him king
Bestowing unearned honors with deep bows and kiss of ring
And now as daylight broke and showed the dry bare desert floor
He shuffled forward slowly knowing that forever more
He’d walk the barren sand with dead black Nemesis behind
Who would one day relieve him of the life for now declined
And so for all eternity the Lone Man cheated death
Reviled, despised, and longing for, release with every breath
And yet did Nemesis with evil grin withhold his hand
And with Barack he walked forever in that darkened land

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