The Carousel

The first four years of the Obama administration turned out to be all smoke and mirrors, a carney ride carnival, where nothing was ever exactly as it seemed. And yet the American public, in its infinite wisdom, again chose the carnival and the carney barker midway over substance, laughing and singing as they boarded the carousel for another four years.


The Midway smelled of smoke and beer

And hot dogs crackerjack and booze

The carousel ride hid no fear

As couples boarded two by twos

Calliopes sang out the tune

As slowly spun the wooden horse

As couples circled ‘neath the moon

The carousel slowly changed course

And gliding slowly through the dark

The Midway fading in the light

The riders frightened by the bark

Of feral beasts deep in the night

Around them mirrors gleamed and glowed

Projecting images surreal

The carousel grew dim and slowed

The only sound a frightened squeal

For mirrors showed a world aflame

With monsters whipping all on board

They seemed within the mirror’s frame

And seemed to be of one accord

The mirrors showed Obama, Rice

And Jarrett and the White House crew

Proclaim that if we all were nice

They wouldn’t turn the Feds on you

To search your emails for a phrase

That implicates you in their eyes

And if you think it’s just a phase

You have, my friend, a big surprise

For carousels are for the fools

Who thought so well of change and hope

And sold their freedom for deep pools

Of poisoned ice and hanging rope


One thought on “The Carousel

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