The Gates Of Vienna

Islam has been licking its wounds since Lepanto and the gates of Vienna, and now sees its opportunity in the perceived weakness of the West. But they are wrong. The West is not weak, it is only temporarily indecisive, temporarily indulgent. As an elephant will ignore the ants biting its ankle only for so long, the West will, when it can ignore the ankle bites no longer, without further thought stamp out the ants.


Lepanto, Vienna, the Muslim tide surged

And dashed itself upon the rock

Of the Cross and the Crowns until Muslims were purged

From the lands of those they sought to mock

They were driven back unto their bare tribal lands

Where they sat and lamented their lot

Sitting round their campfires in the soft shifting sands

Beginning their thousand year plot

Revenge on their minds for the infidel race

But deep down inside they all knew

The West was too strong for a war face to face

And so they would wait one or two

Thousand years catching up to the strong Christian West

By buying and stealing our stuff

And so they rearmed and they gave it their best

Then saw it was never enough

They’ll always be backward ‘cause that’s who they are

Still they dream of the new Caliphate

Where they’ll be in charge in a time that’s not far

Another five centuries or eight


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