The Climate God

NASA satellites have recently collected real and reliable data on the upper atmosphere, and found, as anyone with a half working brain could have told them, that the computer models that predicted global warming were absolutely and completely wrong. The upper atmosphere was not holding heat in, as the global warming scam artists would have you believe, but allowing the heat to escape into outer space, thus proving once and for all that global warming is untrue. Not that it matters to the people who almost pulled off the greatest money making scam ever. It doesn’t matter what NASA says or what the satellites find. Global Warming is a religion, and its adherents will not be swayed by evidence that their god is dead.



The climate is changing, the science is done

Regardless of facts that it’s not

And even if proven we’re warmed by the sun

They’d not change their minds by a jot

The icebergs are melting, the bears in decline

The seas are all rising a lot

And even if proven the bears are all fine

They’d not change their minds by a jot

The air is polluted with carbon you know

It’s hard to know just what we’ve got

But even if proven the air’s fresh as snow

They’d not change their minds by a jot

They’ll not change position, they swear they won’t fold

Insisting it’s gonna get hot

And even if proven we’re gonna get cold

They’d not change their minds by a jot

For climate’s their god and fair Gaia they’d heal

With their god cleaning up all the rot

And even if shown that their god is not real

They’d not change their minds by a jot


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