The Conspirators

It began the day after the election. The political establishment united, Democrat and Republican, Deep State Intelligence and Federal Agencies, to remove the upstart Trump from office as quickly as possible, by any means necessary. And those means included then, and include now, a treasonous coup d’état. It began immediately with the false accusation, and the accusers knew it was false, that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russian government to steal the election. The removal of General Flynn on charges as yet not presented was the first step, and the appointment of former FBI Director Mueller as Chief Counsel to investigate a non-existent crime is the capstone of the plot to put the establishment back in power. The leaks are felonies, with serious jail time, and so the conspirators have a lot riding on the success of the coup, though there is no guarantee that a President Pence would allow it to go unpunished. I don’t believe shooting congressmen was in the plans, but now that it has happened it will be difficult to return to the planned non-violent treason.

Contrary to the rumor
It isn’t only Schumer
Who got on board with plans to unseat Trump
McCain and Lindsay Graham
Were fine with all the mayhem
Involved with plans the Deep State had to dump
The president elected
For someone they’ve selected
To keep in place the all-important swamp
We don’t want no outsiders
They cry, and no outriders
We like our lovely circumstance and pomp
We like our lobby money
And Trump will stop the honey
From drizzling on our waffles and our cakes
We’ll rid us of this nuisance
And thus restore our puissance
And do it quite regardless what it takes

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