The Law Of Inevitability

Thanks to the Democrats and their lapdog media, the country is well on the road to divorce, and it will be very messy, if not bloody. If one half of the country is intent on a given course of action, even though the success of the action is highly unlikely, the law of very large numbers makes the likelihood of the improbable happening not at all improbable. For instance, the current rage filled HardLeft attempt to destroy the Trump presidency increases its chances of happening the larger the number of traitorous people in the Congress, the FBI and the Intelligence agencies engage in the effort to destroy it. The reason is the law of inevitability, which states that every possible outcome has an equal chance of occurring, and while the chance of any one of the possible outcomes occurring is very close to zero, one of them must. This is why the non-bloody coup attempt by the Democrats has, because of the shootings of Republican congressmen in Alexandria, changed from a non-bloody track to a bloody track, and therefore the law of inevitability has changed, and a bloody coup is now more likely to occur than a non-bloody one, simply because once the shooting starts, it is extremely difficult to stop it short of one side winning and one side losing.

He fired shots heard ‘round the world
This Bernie Sanders gruntled guy
Who took to heart the frothing rage
And listened to the revenge cry
Of leftists who shriek it is theirs
The government, the earth, the sky
That victory was stolen and
Legitimacy they deny
The barricades! The Red and Black!
Govern us? Just let them try!
We’ll shoot them down
And not ask why
This country’s ours
And you must die

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