The Constitution Maker

John Kerry, ex-Senator, now Secretary of State, is in Paris, settling the Ukrainian dispute in Russia’s favor by agreeing with the Russian Foreign Minister that the two of them should write a new constitution for Ukraine, without any inconvenient Ukrainians present. The framework of this agreement, of course, gives Putin everything he wants, and it gives Obama everything he wants, which is to be bitch slapped by Putin until Putin begs for mercy.

John Kerry, he of the long face
Has married well, that’s no disgrace
For hadn’t daddy Kerry done the same
His father changed his name real quick
And Boston thought he was a mick
Then married a real heiress, set and game
He taught his son the game of life
John married well, a wealthy wife
A Senate seat for Boston Irish John
But when John Heinz died in a crash
Old Johnny boy then made a dash
For Heinz’s widow’s dough to latch upon
From millionaire to billionaire
Earned not a dime, he didn’t care
The ladies must have thought him worth the price
And now he’s settled in at State
His grubby hands hold Ukraine’s fate
And Putin rolls his pair of loaded dice

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