What Putin Wants, Putin Gets

Putin and Obama are apparently on the same page with regards to the future of the sovereign country of Ukraine. Putin wants to rewrite the Ukrainian constitution, without any Ukrainians present, and Obama has hurriedly sent John Kerry to Paris to iron out the details with the Soviet, excuse me, the Russian foreign minister. Kind of reminds me a little of how the Brits and the Germans determined the fate of Czechoslovakia in 1938 without consulting the Czechs, and we all know how that turned out.

Yes Putin gets what Putin wants
That’s how he plays the game
He promises that Russian grunts
Will set the world aflame
With Putin it is all about
Diminishing the States
Reducing US world wide clout
America he hates
Obama smiles and without pause
Says Putin’s point of view
Is fine with him and that’s because
Obama wants that too

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