The Coronation Of Barack The First

The world is moving quickly to catastrophe, all as desired by the shrouded figures who put Obama in the White House. Shortly after Obama won re-election in 2012 I began writing, in these pages, that I was convinced that Obama would use an as yet undetermined crisis, whether real or created, to run for a third term. That crisis is no longer undefined, and is now upon us, and it takes three forms: the international situation that may well lead to a major war sometime in 2016, the second Islamic killings in American malls and other soft targets leading to martial law, and the third the orchestrated collapse of Hillary Clinton by an indictment by the Obama Justice Department. Any one of the three would be sufficient for Obama’s purpose, but it appears likely that all three are merging into one crisis opportunity for Obama. It is clear Obama will not be able to complete the destruction of the United States in only eight years, and so he needs more time to fulfill the wishes of his father and very likely the wishes of his mother and grandparents as well. Born a Muslim to a Muslim Communist father and a fellow-traveling mother, both of whom abandoned him, his maternal grandparents sent him to an American Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, to be educated. And he is doing what he was trained to do, and what he was expected to do. Count on it. It will all come down in the summer of 2016, just before the Democratic Party convention, and Obama will be nominated for a third term by acclimation, and he will win a third term by fear and fraud, and the American experiment will have come to an end. And there will be a sequel as the United States fractures into two separate countries. Fanciful? Yes. But in the course of human history the fanciful happens all the time.

The promise of eternal rule has beckoned
And all that stands before him, paper thin
Is just the words Amendment Twenty-Second
That says that no third term shall now begin
That two terms is the most that one can serve as
President of these United States
Obama though says more time he deserves as
He is the greatest of the country’s greats
And so he rules us now and for forever
An emperor and savior in his prime
He promises that he will leave us never
For he intends to rule a long, long time

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