A Martyr’s Tale

Syed Farook, a devout Muslim, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, also a devout Muslim, were elevated to the glorious state of Islamic martyrdom by slaughtering fourteen innocent and unsuspecting civilians at a Christmas party, leaving their six month old baby girl in the hands of Allah the Merciful. As police bullets crashed into him, Farook undoubtedly thought of the wonderful afterlife promised him.

The virgins waiting for him all
So young and undefiled
Celestial fields where he and all
His virgins can run wild
The soft warm nights in soft warm arms
‘Neath Allah’s smiling gaze
The murmur of the cooling spring
That fills his wondrous days
The Saudi universities
They promised with a view
He smiled and thought how wonderful
To go to Farook U
And read the Quran every night
And memorize the text
And contemplate the master plan
And wonder who’ll be next
To feel the scourge of Allah’s whip
The thought quite made him laugh
These fleeting thoughts as police guns
Wrote down his epitaph

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