The Crossbow And The Knight

Chivalry is dead, the embattled man cried
Leaning heavy against his stout horse
Dead and buried beneath the sharp incoming tide
Dead beneath the foul uncaring gorse!
He paused to take breath then resumed his sad tale
Edged weapons are things of the past
A man is now had for a two penny sale
And good chaps like I cannot last
I’ve killed men in battle but never in spite
‘Twas always but simply our way
To fight true and fair is the code of the knight
To think I should see such a day
As seen on this ground, a changed thing to amaze
And good men lay dead where they stand
As unseen projectiles are now the new craze
With men like I swept from the land
He sobbed in despair as he saw in his pain
A future where noblemen died
At the hands of the rabble both dirty and plain
Then he hefted his sword and he sighed
‘Tis over, my friend, in a world that’s gone daft
Unpleasant the world in plain truth
While I who spent years in perfecting my craft
Am slain by a peasant uncouth