The Winner Deals

President Trump is trying to protect the castle that is the country by building a wall and closing the southern border, but the Democrats are determined that now that they have raised the portcullis, propped open the gates and lowered the drawbridge, that the gates remain open and undefended against the barbarians.

Trump stands guard over the castle
And it’s turned into a hassle
As Democrats say they’ll not fund a wall
They profess their love for DACA
Yet they turn around and mock a
Sweet proposal that would give them more than all
That they ever dared to ask for
And are taking Trump to task for
Thinking that Americans just might come first
Dems believe to flood the nation
With illegal immigration
Will then lead to votes that makes elections burst
From Atlantic to Pacific
And while being more specific
From the White House to the lowest county courts
Dems care not eternal power
Guarantees a dying flower
It is theirs despite the blemishes and warts
But they’re up against a master
Who can turn what seems disaster
Into victory by clicking on his heels
He knows all the odds and weighs ‘em
He has all the cards and plays ‘em
And then smiles, says pony up, the winner deals