The Dark End Of The Street

Why is it that Islamic terrorists can be in plain sight yet can plan and execute surprise terrorist attacks on innocent civilians? We know they’re there, but we can’t see them because we prefer not to. People who insist that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Islam has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks in Paris that killed one hundred and thirty people and wounded many hundreds more, or the attack in Mali or any other bloody Muslim terrorist attack, simply refuse to walk down the alley and see what there is to see. The Secretary of State, the ineffable John Kerry, said just the other day that the Muslim attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris last January that killed eleven people was legitimate, thereby giving legitimacy to all Muslim terrorist killings. The Muslim killers live at the dark end of the street not because it is particularly dark back there, but because Western authorities have declared it to be dark.

They live at the dark end of the street
Invisible to the Elite
Who much prefer to think that they
Are simply peaceful folk by day
Who spend their nights in song and dance
A joy to have in la belle France
Or in the USA as well
Invite them to come sit a spell
And if from time to time there comes
A massacre so bad it numbs
The senses to a state of shock
It isn’t here, it’s down the block
Be not afraid, we won’t retreat
It’s just the dark end of the street

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