As Gentle As The Sea

The president has stated, on more than one occasion, that ISIS was not a serious threat, and that taking a couple hundred thousand Muslim immigrants from the Middle East into the country will be perfectly safe because he will insist on foolproof vetting, and only peaceful folks truly fleeing death and oppression will be set among us, This despite the fact that the Director of the FBi says there is no possibility of vetting any of them.

The president again maintained
He had the buggers well contained
And that is why, he then explained
The war is going well
They’re not nice folks, that I agree
But are not Islam, cannot be
For Islam’s gentle as the sea
With hardly wave or swell
The war’s not the kinetic kind
We must engage them with the mind
In time we’ll forge the ties that bind
We have a lot to sell
Excuse me please I have a call
Some immigrants shot up a mall
Beheaded kids against a wall
Stuff happens, what the hell

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