The Darkness Of The Grave

Today is the seventy-second anniversary of the Battle of Midway. June 4, 1942, the Glorious Fourth of June. The Battle of Midway has lessons in it for the Obama administration in its treatment of the Battle of Benghazi, in which four Americans were killed defending American territory, the consulate in Benghazi, Libya. In a recent book titled The Shattered Sword, an account of the battle of Midway, the authors argue that the Japanese military hid the defeat from the Japanese public and denied the reasons for the sinking of the Kido Butai, the unbeaten and invincible Imperial carrier fleet, and that it was the denial that doomed the Japanese military. The Obama administration, for reasons we shall soon discover, hid the defeat from the American public by blaming it on a YouTube video no one saw, denying that a failure had ever occurred. Why did Obama hide Benghazi from the American public? What was so disastrous for the administration if the real story got out? The House of Representatives has convened a Special Committee to look into it. We don’t expect anyone in the administration to tell the truth, even under oath, but maybe we will soon know the answers, and if we do, will those answers spell the end of the Obama presidency? Douglas Dauntless SBD dive-bombers took care of the Jap carriers at Midway. The only SBDs we have now are Stalinist Bastard Democrats.

The Kido Butai its fearsome name
Was heard from nevermore
And from that day the end became
A Small Boy/Fat Man war
Benghazi on the other hand
Was blazoned on our shields
And trumpeted by Barack’s band
To cities, towns and fields
As caused by an insult to God
Upon him there be peace
Whose adherents put in the sod
Brave men who saw life cease
What happened on that fateful night
Has entered into lore
And buried deep, and thus well might
Be heard from nevermore

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