What’s A ittle Treason Among Friends?

I hope the Bergdahl fiasco hasn’t dimmed our outrage at these guys who put on the uniform and then betray us. Have we forgotten about Bradley Manning? Pfc Bradley Manning was convicted by a military court of stealing sensitive and secret United States government documents and giving them to Wikileaks, and thus to our enemies. He is now in prison, but has recently demanded a taxpayer paid for sex change, and the Pentagon has agreed to give him one. He is now Christine, and I have the feeling Obama felt sorry for him and was sorry the military put him in prison. After all, what’s a little treason among friends? I spoke to Manning’s former cell mate, a very disappointed Leroy Johnson, who said:

This Bergdahl thing now, it’s a hoot
I’ve seen his pic, he’s mighty cute
But what’s he done but walk away
Is that a crime, and who’s to say
But Manning now, I called him Brad
We shared a cell, it wasn’t bad
They say that opposites attract
I can attest that is a fact
We’re different in every way
I’m black, he’s white, I’m het he’s gay
Yet still we’ve shared love’s sweet delights
The still, cool morning, darkest nights
A woman born, the body male
An error that is doomed to fail
He changed his name, he’s now Christine
But I’ll remember love pristine
I’ll miss him now that he is gone
The lonely nights, the bitter dawn
It’s Bush’s fault, or Bush’s dad
They’re not to blame, Bergdahl and Brad
Both traitors yes, there is no doubt
But once you know what that’s about
It makes no sense to fill with rage
What’s done is done, let’s turn the page

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