The Day After

There was no post yesterday remembering the events of September 11, 2001, because obviously nothing happened on that day. The Democrats are now in power, and they and a Democratic president are pleased that whatever it was that was supposed by some to have happened on that day is now no longer cluttering up the official memory banks. We can all relax. Nothing to see here, move along. There are no Muslim fanatics trying to kill us. How could there be? They are, after all, disciples of the religion of peace. Let’s all go back to sleep, for we have more important things to do than worry about some peaceful young men in far away lands. Things like turning the United States into Mexico or Argentina. Things like destroying the finest healthcare system in the world in order to grow the power of the Left. No, nothing happened on September 11, 2001, for if there had been it surely would have been remarked upon.



El President, the smooth man said

I have the proclamation

The one in which the honored dead

Again remind the nation

Of that sad, sad September day 

Of Muslims’ fierce attack

And how we all joined hands to pray

That they would not be back

 Dear Rahm I know not what you mean

El Presidente sighed

For nothing happened at that scene

And no one really died

‘Twas all a ploy by that mad Bush

To get the people cowed

And bomb the folks of Hindu Kush

To make himself feel proud

But I will never fall for such

A dismal, dirty lie

And I have always said as much

And will till day I die

Now back to work we’ve things to do

The country’s in our hands

We’ve time to turn into Peru

Just like those other lands

Our mission’s clear dear brother Rahm

Tomorrow is the twelfth

Iran is closing on the bomb

And we must drink their health

Ah no dear Rahm, I make no speech

To honor our war dead

For doesn’t Holy Koran teach

That some things be unsaid?