The Discontiguous

After the reorganization of Yugoslavia, a three square mile tract of mountainous land containing a single shack was inadvertently overlooked by the map makers, and was bought by a young man who named it Liberland, and advertised for immigrants. Two hundred and fifty thousand people from discontiguous parts of North Africa and the Middle East are now clamoring to migrate to a tiny three square mile area in the Balkans, claiming they just want to live someplace a little roomier than where they are. The leader of these people, a discontiguous man himself, says

We all are discontiguous
Our purposes ambiguous
We only long for death but it’s our fate
To live midst unbelievers
We hate being deceivers
But we could all be happy with a state
This Liberland seems happy
‘Cause where we’re at is crappy
We’d take that three square miles and tiny shack
Right now we’re all just talkin’
The neighbors they are balkin”
As soon as we join ISIS we’ll be back

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