The Saudi Arabian navy has established a blockade of the Yemen port of Aden to prevent the Iranians from resupplying the Houthi rebels attacking the city. Blockade. The very word conjures up images of square rigged ships beating up the channel in a blow lest the Frogs cross their yards and come out. Of the big black ships with 11 inch Dahlgrens enforcing the Anaconda. Of course the Saudi navy probably lacks a bit in seamanship and history, but give them credit. It can’t be easy, knowing Obama has placed a carrier battle group at their backs, and who knows whose side he’s on.

Through sleepy day and sultry night
The blockade holds its course
The ships and sailors want to fight
If Iran shows in force
We don’t know how that would turn out
Since neither has a clue
To what sea warfare is about
They aren’t Nelson’s few
Too bad the Mullahs turned away
Their forces did not close
But always there’s another day
When they could come to blows
But if they ever meet again
We ask of them a lot
To act like they’re the IJN
Come tearing down the Slot

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