The Dispensable Man

The Washington Post, that leftmost of newspapers, recently lamented that President Obama seems to be dithering with regard to Iran and its forcefully stated intention to build nuclear weapons and obliterate the Zionist entity. In the endeavor to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Obama is the indispensable man. He has turned out to be, however, quite dispensable, and when the mushroom clouds hang over the Middle East it will be because Obama thought the Mullahs were his friends and that sweet talking was a substitute for policy.



It will be said

That many dead

Accrue to our Obama

His weakness will

Increase the kill

And escalate the drama

By dithering

And blithering

Iran will soon be able

To light the fuse

That kills the Jews

While we sit at the table

Alone and shy

And wonder why

The mullahs just disdain us

They smile and smirk

And get to work

On nukes to entertain us

And then will come

Swift death for some

As Israel attacks her

And turns to sand

The Persian land

As O demands the facts sir

The DC Post

More left than most

Begins to see the light now

They see at last

The die is cast

It seems they’ve got it right now


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