The Dream Dispenser

Barack Hussein Obama offered us an emotional farewell State of the Union address Tuesday night, in which he lamented his failure to secure the entirety of the dream he had for us on entering office eight years before, a dream the particulars of which he did not elaborate upon, but we know what it was. Yes, we now know what his dream was.

He offered to exchange our dreams for his
And willingly we gave to him our soul
Not all of us, of course, bought all the fizz
Enough did, though, and voted for the whole
His dreams seemed so enchanting to the crowd
Who cheered his every word and every thought
Red Queens and empresses alike had bowed
To charms that are bestowed to those who brought
The people to exhale as he passed by
Young women faint in haste to touch his coat
And having touched they close their eyes and sigh
My lovely one, you have my throbbing vote
And so his dreams came to us in the night
Like hungry wolves whose red eyes burned with fire
And turned us into cowards in the light
All driven by his life’s blood red desire
To cut the stones of manhood from us all
To make of us castrati on our knees
To bend our will with but a single call
And rule without the law as he may please
The dream is ending, though the nightmares wend
The darker, deeper hallways of the mind
All leaving us to wonder in the end
If we deserved a dreamer of his kind
Dark dreams so menace-filled they stilled the breath
So terrible, so terror-filled condensed
We knew at very last he wished us death
With every blood-red dream that he dispensed

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