It’s Just A Game

Immigrant Muslim men are sexually assaulting European women with impunity, for both the police and the governments refuse to admit that Muslim men are a problem, for the Left cannot ever admit to making a mistake. I spoke to President Obama today as he relaxed with a Kindle version of the Quran and asked about the rapes and fondling of surrounded European women by Muslim refugees. He smiled and said it was just an innocent game of taharrush, a game he himself had played as a boy. Nonetheless, he said, the game is a distraction from the main purpose of the invasion, which is the destruction of Western civilization. In a contemplative mood, he closed his eyes and softly said

Taharrush, a game that’s taught
To boys and so designed
To show that women can be bought
And sold, and now you’ll find
That fondling, flirting and the like
Is just a silly game
That boys like me when just a tyke
Played often without shame
It is however, out of place
In Europe at this time
We must give people there some space
Until the top we climb
The day will come that we destroy
The Western world so vile
And after which each man and boy
Will live in Allah’s smile
That greets the dawn in every clime
Throughout this wondrous life
Where gun control has vanquished crime
And more than one sweet wife
May greet a man at his front door
Discreetly burqa dressed
And fawn on him and what is more
Will never be depressed
A world where God’s sharia law
Holds everyone the same
And rape no matter red and raw
The woman is to blame
A world where Allah’s words will rule
And prayer five times a day
Where only boys can go to school
And girls at home must stay
How glorious does such as this
Shine bright in my mind’s eye
I have slight time to bring such bliss
But darn it I will try
I left him smiling in his chair
Eyes closed, his face benign
As if he did not have a care
Or had not seen the sign
That all his plans would matter not
That Allah’s time had run
That angry men would cleanse the rot
Muhammad had begun

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