The Dunce

The Obama administration is about to turn over the specs and data on our most secret missile shield rocket speeds to Russia in return for a promise by Russia to warn us when Iran is about to launch. By Obama’s lights this is a good deal, since it shows Russia and Putin we still love them, and showing our enemies we love them is basic to the Obama administration’s foreign policy. Verse-Afire has come upon a White House recording of a conversation in which Barack Obama muses aloud to Joe Biden about the missile shield deal with Russia and about life after high school.


I’ve got a little secret that I promised not to tell

But here’s a chance to work real hard for peace

We’ve got this missile shield defense

I promised not to sell

But Putin said he’d gladly sign a lease

It strengthens us because he said

That he would tell us when

Iran was leading up to some no good

But dammit Joe I hate to ask that damn Congress again

It seems my every act’s misunderstood

The Constitution’s in my way so bad I want to scream

The House is now the enemy’s front line

I’ve only got six months or less to realize my dream

Of taking over here and make it mine

When I got out of high school

I knew all there was to know

About my life and how it would turn out

I followed the prescription

That my mentors said would grow

Into great fame and fortune without doubt

It all came true as you well know, and here we are today

Two men as unalike as two could be

You sit here listening without a single word to say

And that is how a man like you should be

Subservient, a little dumb, and goofy too at times

Vice presidents are meant to act as foils

While I took flight with Ayers and Wright

Who helped with ladder climbs

While you just sit and watch while kettle boils

I’m king of all that I survey, and women show me love

My smile and face surround me as I move

The New York Times thinks I’ve been sent

By Gaia god above

And Joe, I feel I’ve nothing left to prove

I’m glad we’ve had this little talk, I treasure your advice

I’m giving Putin everything he wants

The data, specs, and all he needs, and Joe, I got my price

But you won’t understand ‘cause you’re a dunce


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