Except for the fact that they are part of the radical left wing culture that is destroying Western civilization, I have nothing against homosexuals of either gender. If they went quietly about their business of buggering each other I wouldn’t care what they did, but once it was safe to come out of the closet they started demanding stuff, like marriage and preferential treatment. Between radical feminists and radical homosexuals, the culture has been so debased as to be in danger of collapse at the first push from those who would kill us. The newest aircraft carrier, now building, will have no urinals in its toilet rooms, or in navy parlance, heads. How long before our heterosexual military males are ordered to pee sitting down? Don’t laugh. In Sweden such a law is being seriously considered. All of this I have taken in stride, but now the Gay Pride nancy boys have gone too far. They have stolen our comic book heroes. Superman and The Green Lantern are now openly gay.


Green Lantern gay? Aha, I always knew it!

The way he looked at Batman all the time

And Captain Midnight staying out all hours

Pretending he and Lantern fighting crime

The only superhero worth the reading

Was Captain Marvel dressed in red and white

Contending with that evil guy Sivana

And fighting hard for justice and the right

To live a life of tranquil ease and comfort

In this great land of toast and tea and jam

Where every man’s a hero to his boyfriend

And gayness is the meaning of Shazam!


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