The End Of Summer

Muslim ferocity is coming to a head. In the Middle East the guns and the beheadings and the screams of the murdered children are never silent. We smile indulgently at the notion that a seventh century religion is again set upon conquering the world, and yet they believe their time has come, that Allah is with them, and that they shall prevail and put to the sword all who do not accept their rule. To read the blogs and watch the news one would think the world is coming to an end, and in a sense it is, at least in the northern hemisphere, for August is upon us, and summer is almost gone. But while it lasts summer makes us forget, at least for a time, that the wider world, the Islamic world, with its ferocity and undying hatred of all that we stand for, awaits. The murderous actions of ISIS, the latest iteration of murderous Islam, tells us that summer is over.

The fishing boats, outriggers high
That seem to touch the fragile sky
Small children just released from school
Play in the tepid swimming pool
The fishermen on boat or beach
Content if fish stay out of reach
Young women in their summer best
A sure sign that our lives are blest
The beaches cool with summer breeze
The wonder is that such as these
Are lent to us by gracious God
To whom we give a passing nod
Yes summer’s gone, it’s almost spent
So quick I don’t know where it went
And yet the August heat remains
As in the mountains and the plains
The guns of August gain their voice
And free men have a simple choice
To kill the vermin, kill them all
As August summer turns to Fall

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